No. of Bedrooms Inventory* Check In** Inventory & Check In Interim Inspection Check Out
Studio £60 £50 £100 £30 £50
1 Bedroom £75 £50 £115 £30 £55
2 Bedroom £85 £50 £125 £30 £65
3 Bedroom £100 £50 £140 £30 £80
4 Bedroom £120 £50 £160 £30 £90
5 Bedroom £130 £50 £170 £30 £100

An additioanl £10 is payable for a furnished property.

*Additional rooms such as garage, conservatory, study etc are charged extra at £10 per room. We allow one lounge, bathroom and kitchen in the above price.

**A check in is when an inventory clerk meets with your tenant to go through all details of the inventory with them room by room. This is normally done on the day of the move in. Meter readings will also be recorded.

The inventory check can be carried out on the day of the tenant move in (just before the tenant arrives.) This ensures that only one visit is needed to the property thereby saving money.

If the property is due to be professionally cleaned please ensure this is carried out BEFORE an inventory clerk arrives so we can record the same on the report. The same applies if you are ordering gas safety certificates, EPC’s, electrical safety certificates and smoke and CO alarms!

NB it is the tenants responsibility to return a property back to a landlord in the original condition. A tenant is responsible for providing a check out.

A check out consists of a comparison between the old and new inventory and highlights any issues.

A property inventory report should always be carried out by an independent inventory clerk.